Victoria Bilogan was born in Odessa, Ukraine into a family of musicians. At the age of ten she won first prize at the All-Ukraine Junior Music Competition. She studied with Professor Goncharov at the Odessa State Conservatory of Music, graduating with honours. She received a Master’s Degree from University of Melbourne, studying with Ronald Farren-Price, Boris Guslitzer, Michael Solovei (solo performance), and Marco van Pagee (chamber music). She also studied with Frank Wilbaut (ANAM). She has performed widely in music festivals throughout Europe and Australia, including Mozarteum Festival (Salzburg, Austria) and Townsville Chamber Music Festival (Australia).

Viatcheslav is a native of Uzbekistan, where he studied at Republic Specialised Music School. He received a Master's Degree in Cello from Tashkent State Conservatorium of Music under Professor V. Chakhvadze. He performed as a soloist and in chamber music ensembles throughout Europe as well as in Australia, including String Quartet Unique (Australia), State Opera Theatre (Uzbekistan), and National Symphony Orchestra of Uzbekistan.
He has also served as Conductor of Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra since 2001.

Victoria and Viatcheslav have performed together since 1996, and formed Mobius Duo in 2006. As Mobius Duo, they have performed in Europe and Australia. The name Mobius Duo comes from a mathematical paradox known as the Mobius strip, a single sided surface with only one edge. It represents continuity and infinity. The Strip was named after German mathematician August Ferdinand Mobius [1790-1868], and has been used by many composers, most notably Johann Sebastian Bach.